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Thank You for Rounding Up!

Round-Up at McDonald's Supports our Mission.

Your donation through McDonald's Restaurants Round Up program or canisters stays right here in South Dakota and help us to keep families close to loved ones all year long.

RMHC and McDonald's

Our Mission

To keep families close through places, programs, and partnerships that directly improve children’s well-being and support families during their most challenging times.

Our Core Values

  • Focus on families first.
  • Treat everyone with care and kindness.
  • Empower each other to do what’s right.
  • Serve with support, respect, and empathy.
  • Work with purpose.

Our Vision

To make South Dakota a place where all families can be close to care and close to each other.

Our Key Priorities

  • Focus on the critical needs of patient families.
  • Create, find, and support programs through community and donor partnerships that proactively improve children’s health.
  • Stay true to our global heritage and legacy of responsible stewardship.
  • Grow our circle of impact in South Dakota and the surrounding area.

Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of our houses, providing a safe, welcoming place to stay for families with sick or injured children. 

Family Stories

Every year, our Houses welcome more than a thousand families. Here are two of their stories. 

Interactive Stays Map

We have welcomed families from all over the United States. The map below shows where our guests have come from over the last 40 years.

Other Ways to Help

The families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House are facing emotional exhaustion, stress, and the mounting financial burden of their situation. Please know that your donation brings light to the dark times these families are facing, often resulting in tears of gratitude for your support. To make a cash donation, click the donate button, or learn about other ways to donate here.

Wish List Donation

Donate Wish List Items

From grocery items and toys to cleaning products and linens, you can help provide the supplies we need to continue our mission. Visit our Wish List to see what we need.

Collect pop tabs

Pop Tabs Program

Collect pop tabs from aluminum cans at work, home or local schools. Money earned from redeeming the tabs is donated to the charity and goes to support the annual operating budgets of Ronald McDonald Houses of South Dakota. To learn more, visit our Pop Tabs Program page.

Meals from the Heart

Meals from the Heart

Local organizations such as companies, church organizations, and social clubs can come to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare home-cooked meals for the families staying at the House. Click here for more info about Meals from the Heart.