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Corporate Donations

Our corporate sponsors have been a vital part of helping us deliver comfort and care to children and their families. By joining the RMHC family as a corporate sponsor, you can play a key part in the success of our mission. You can also help your company achieve its social responsibility goals while creating positive community relationships among your employees. If your business is interested in getting involved with RMHC, here are some of the possibilities:

The Benefits of Being a Corporate Donor

Financial Support
We want to extend our reach and increase our programs to serve more families. We rely on financial contributions from our sponsors to achieve this goal.

In-kind Donation
Partners can create in-kind donation programs that are a tremendous opportunity to showcase products and services to people and organizations that need them most.

Your employees can have local volunteer opportunities in the communities where they live and work. Employee volunteers not only give your company greater exposure in the local community, your staff can also actively support a meaningful cause.

High Visibility
In a recent survey, 95% of people asked were aware of RMHC.

Quantifiable Results
Ninety cents out of every dollar goes to expenditures directly supporting local Chapters and their programs, so your company investment in RMHC significantly improves your community.

Strengthen Customer and Employee Loyalty

  • 92% of Americans have a more positive image of companies that support a cause
  • 87% of Americans are likely to switch brands (when price and quality are equal) to support a cause
  • 81% of Americans consider a company’s social commitment when deciding where to work
  • 88% of workers whose companies have a cause-related program feel proud of their companies’ values
  • 93% of Americans say it is important for their companies to provide them with opportunities to become involved in social issues
  • 89% of Americans believe that corporations and non-profits should work together to raise money and awareness for causes