Ronald McDonald House Program

Who We Are

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Core Values

  • Focus on families first.
  • Treat everyone with care and kindness.
  • Empower each other to do what’s right.
  • Serve with support, respect, and empathy.
  • Work with purpose.

Our Mission

To keep families close through places, programs, and partnerships that directly improve children’s well-being and support families during their most challenging times.

Our Vision

To make South Dakota a place where all families can be close to care and close to each other.

Our Key Priorities

  • Focus on the critical needs of patient families.
  • Create, find, and support programs through community and donor partnerships that proactively improve children’s health.
  • Stay true to our global heritage and legacy of responsible stewardship.
  • Grow our circle of impact in South Dakota and the surrounding area.